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In the vast universe, light travels in the universe at the speed of light. If we are 8,000 light-years away from us, we would be able to see what the earth looked like 8,000 years ago.
On the earth 8000 years ago, the four ancient civilizations began to take shape, but only the Chinese civilization has continued to pass on without fear of time.
The four major civilizations are the Babylonian civilization in the Mesopotamia,
the ancient Egyptian civilization in the Nile River, the ancient Indian civilization in the Indus River Basin, and the Chinese civilization in the Yellow River Basin.
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Wealth Tongbao Core Value System
Wealth Tongbao Positioning
Wealth Tongbao "GWTB" is a traditional cultural value consensus carrier based on the token economy and community governance founded by the Singapore Global Wealth TongBao Foundation. It is built on the distributed decentralized community autonomous organization DAO, and based on the decentralized financial properties of Defi to achieve a wide range of application scenarios and value significance.
Wealth Tongbao Mission
The mission of Wealth TongBao "GWTB" is to promote the awakening and promotion of human spirit and consciousness, guide the inheritance of a positive cultural value system, and strive to achieve an "infrastructure" for the inheritance of global cultural values.
Wealth Tongbao Vision
Strive to achieve an "infrastructure" for the inheritance of global cultural values. Global Wealth TongBao Foundation will focus on tourism, culture, art and other fields around the world from 2014 to 2020. Through various efforts, it took many years to obtain a large number of entity-based cultural value property rights, with a cumulative market value of up to 200 million US dollars. Wealth TongBao Foundation issued a digital value token-Wealth TongBao "GWTB" through Defi's mortgage mechanism based on these physical property rights.
Wealth Tongbao Value
Openness, fairness, justice, co-creation, co-governance, and coparcenary
Wealth Tongbao Ecological Layout

Financial trading platform-DeFi Application

A decentralized financial system based on blockchain smart contracts, integrates decentralized transactions, decentralized stablecoins, and decentralized lending to create a financial infrastructure for digital cultural heritage.

Chinese traditional cultural communication platform-GWBT Community

Evangelize for human digital and traditional culture inheritance, evangelize for blockchain, and evangelize Eastern Chinese traditional culture. Through the practice of token economy and community governance, reconstruct the value consensus order of cultural inheritance, reconstruct the new human credit system, and rebuild the human belief system.

Knowledge payment platform-Wealth Academy

Through blockchain learning and ideological awareness training, a series of systematic paid courses are developed for community members to share, learn, and communicate.

Industrial development platform-Wealth Tongbao Bank

Deploy emerging industries such as e-commerce, international tourism, global real estate, and international trade to support the ecological layout of Wealth Tongbao.

Educational promotion platform-Huaxia Academy

Based on the inheritance of Eastern Chinese traditional cultural concepts, integrating Western philosophy, selecting world-class ideological and cultural ambassadors, preaching together, answering questions, inspiring wisdom, and establishing deeper logical thinking.

Investment incubation platform-Wealth Investment

Participate in global investment and deployment in the field of digital currency, so that the value of Wealth Tongbao continues to grow.

Four characteristics of Wealth Tongbao Ecology
1. Globalization Guided by the token economy and based on "communization", Wealth Tongbao will truly establish a global business system, focusing on small and medium-sized countries with unstable economic systems. The focus is on economically underdeveloped countries and regions such as Southeast Asia, South Asia, South America, and Africa, to help community members in these countries and regions to build a new economy based on the token economy.
2. Internationalization Wealth Tongbao E cology will truly implement the concept of a global distributed community. Whether it is a distributed full-time team or a distributed community team, we will wholeheartedly build an operation team and technical team with a truly international perspective as the basic principle. We will successively establish multilingual, multinational, and multicultural teams on the five continents of the world to support the continuous expansion of the wealth ecology on a global scale!
3. Communityization Communityization is the life and soul of Wealth Tongbao Ecology, and it will also be the basic route we will persist and practice. In terms of governance model, Wealth Tongbao Ecology implements "One Body Two Wings", "Strong management team" + "Strong community team".In the future, as the governance system continues to mature, the Wealth Tongbao Ecology will gradually be operated as a community-wide, and gradually realize the migration from "off-chain governance" to "on-chain governance", so as to truly implement the concept of token economy, and create a brand new human digital bit civilization.
4. Localization In addition to the international team for Wealth Tongbao's ecological global business, Wealth Tongbao will continue to establish localized teams for some key countries and regions in the process of ecological development. In particular, the establishment of "Wealth Tongbao Nodes" and "Wealth Tongbao Governance Committees" in different countries and cities will allow Wealth Tongbao to take root in different countries around the world and achieve localized growth.
Wealth Tongbao Lssuance Mechanism
The issuance of GWTB is strictly established by anchoring the market value of the physical assets held by the foundation to ensure that each token has the real redemption ability and real value. Its payment anchor covers cultural and artistic products, traditional value inheritance, and high-net-worth comprehensive products. Based on blockchain technology and Defi's operating benchmark, Wealth TongBao realizes the transaction segmentation and liquidity transformation of traditional large property rights commodities. Participating in the construction of the market value of GWTB can obtain long-term comprehensive income under the lower financial risk model. Wealth TongBao "GWTB" will initially use a 6% share as the start of the liquidity pool of the overall market value, and then will spend 61% entirely for the pledge development of the Defi business. In addition, the foundation will also allocate 10% of reserves for ecological risk, and this part of the token will not enter the secondary trading market at all. The remaining tokens will be allocated to the foundation, global community cooperation, and public chain research and development funds according to the percentages of 10%, 10%, and 5%. These distributions will be locked in an open chain contract by the smart contract, subject to global supervision and review. At the same time, it is managed and used by the DAO community.

The new civilization will be based on the ecological life form of the digital society

"Digital civilization" will be a brand new human civilization created by blockchain technology. Digital currency will continue to be used globally. The blockchain will format the entire planet and return the world to a society of mutual trust, harmony, unity, fairness, fraternity, and freedom. The blockchain is constantly removing the earth's dross, and a brand new human civilization has arrived!

The future construction of science fiction digital social ecology will realize that humans and humans, humans and machines, and machines and machines can all work together in the digital world built by blockchain.

The power and trend of the birth of a new civilization

With the continuous development of blockchain technology, DeFi has gradually become an important force in transforming the blockchain ecology. It also represents the trend of the development of the times and the evolution of civilization, and also makes the world truly feel the landing and application of blockchain ideas.

DeFi mainly refers to decentralized financial business, moving traditional centralized finance to the chain, enhancing the composability between operability and financial products through smart contracts, and reconstructing decentralized code trust with numbers and code.

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